Cause of Premature Birth When Pregnant Twins

Preterm birth may occur when the pregnancy has not entered the age of 37 weeks or more than 3 weeks of the lack of due date of birth. Babies born prematurely are known to be susceptible to a variety of serious health problems when compared to babies born in accordance with the schedule of his birth.

Up to now there are some cases of premature birth which is not yet clear what is the cause. Some maternal and child health experts argue that there are several factors and health problems that can lead to premature birth, especially in pregnancy with twins.

Cause Premature Birth on Twins

Perhaps many of the mothers who often wonder why the pregnancy twins always are associated with premature birth. Here are some of the factors that cause premature birth on the birth of twins.

Attitude and Lifestyle during Pregnancy

Attitude and lifestyle is a risk factor for preterm birth. To avoid the premature birth, the mother had to organize the attitude and style of everyday life during pregnancy. Eat nutritious foods every day, regular exercise and enough rest so that the health and development of the fetus in the womb to grow well.

Sense of Worry

Mother may often hear that pregnancy with twins have a risk of interruption of pregnancy is greater when compared with the pregnancy of the child. However, even so mothers do not need to worry about this. Stay calm and do not panic twins undergo pregnancy to avoid premature delivery.

Sharing Placenta

Pregnancy with twins are divided into two types of pregnancies has two placenta for each baby and pregnancy that has just one placenta for two babies. If the mother become pregnant with twins who entered in the second type which has only one placenta, the mother should give more attention and so extra during pregnancy.

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